Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
Artec Space Spider
Resolutionup to 0,1 mm
Accuracyup to 0,03%
Object size50 – 500 mm

Fast and accurate

The data is captured at a speed up to 1 Mio. points per second and simultaneously processed while offering a resolution up to 0,1 mm and a high accuracy up to 0,05 mm.

Marker only to maximize the Accuracy.

Laborious sticking is not needed. But it may maximize the accuracy in connection with the photogammetry system.
To keep it insane accuracy, the Artec Spider should be calibrated in frequent intervals. This process only takes few minutes.

3D scanning in realtime

The Artec Spider 3D scanner captures up to 8 frames per second – each frame in 3 dimensions. The data is processed in realtime, that means the results are already available while scanning. This realtime feedback guaranties a fast and efficient scanning.
This function is especially needed in developing special effects or in medical and biomechanical science.

Luminous colors

Color information with 24 Bit per pixel at a resolution of 1,3 Megapixel
As consequence of this high quality f textured 3D models the Artec Space Spider is excellent in industries like CG/animation, forensics or medical science.


The Artec Spiders beauty lays in its mobility, ergonomics and a slim body. The 3D scanner provides you with data, defined by accuracy and luminous colors in highspeed.


The Artec Spider weighs 850 g and is still portable, which makes it usable in many industries.