Geomagic Control X
Scan data processingyes
Organic surfacesNo
Parametric surfacesNo
Free sculptingNo
Quality Assuranceyes
3D print preparationNo

Revolutionize Your Inspection Routines

With a new User Interface, innovative new metrology and inspection tools, workflow-driven, preplanned processes and casual walk-up inspection, and more, Geomagic Control X delivers an unparalleled ease-of-use and comprehension for 3D inspection in any manufacturing workflow. Now accurate measurement and fast analysis of manufactured parts and assemblies is on-hand for anyone looking to significantly build quality in manufactured parts and assemblies.

The Power to Get Reliable Results, The Simplicity to Get Them Quickly

Have the freedom to measure in any order or style you desire, whilethe powerful Synchronous Inspection system captures the datahierarchy and automation in the background for repeatable andeditable processes. Enjoy the power of Geomagic Control X whereyou spend more time focusing on getting the results, not timeworrying about how to make the software work for you. Quicklyconduct First Article inspections using the CAD-based dimensioningtools and have communication-ready information instantly at yourfingertips. Native CAD importers including those which containmodel-based GD&T definition are delivered standard at no additionalcost.

Immediately Understand Your Inspection Results
Every Time

Improve your ability to investigate quality issues that may appear across parts or over time through the multiple results system and theResult Navigator. Identify the sources of stack up error in weldmentsor assemblies by simultaneously working with many results under different alignment scenarios, and derive meaningful, actionable information from the analysis. Understand potential assembled partrelated issues, using portable measuring devices, optical scanners and even computed tomography by collecting families of parts or an assembly into one inspection project for easy cross part referencing. Maintain a single project for a single part which contains all measurements over time, and graphically investigate cross supplier issues.

Powerfully Communicate The Right Data to All Stakeholders

New powerful reporting features in Geomagic Control X enable graphically-rich, communicative reports. Custom viewpoint control and view-style reporting empower you to make your report more closely follow a traditional paper or pdf print graphical presentation. Brand new, intelligent 3D dimensioning and annotation management processes enable you to control in fine detail how dimensions will be displayed. You can pick from some popular default representations or create personalized and customized annotation styles to match your company standard. New, advanced report layout tools give you the flexibility to choose how reports will be configured, in the format you prefer.

Experience Total Accountability and Traceability Through All Inspection Workflows

NIST-PTB certified results give you the confidence to inspect rapidly with accuracy. The new features of Geomagic Control X allow you to build inspections with total accountability and traceability throughout the entire process.