Geomagic Design X
Scan data processingyes
Organic surfacesyes
Parametric surfacesyes
Free sculptingNo
Quality AssuranceNo
3D print preparationyes

Geomagic DesignX(former XOR), the industries widest spread reverse engineering software, combines parametric CAD with 3D scan data-progressing. This allows to create editable feature based volume models that were not compatible with your used CAD software.

Expand your possibilities in design

Start with reality – not your empty screen. Geomagic DesignX offers the easiest way to create editable feature based CAD models from 3D scans and to integrate them into your present construction/design workflow.

Minimize the period till market launch

Save days or even weeks from idea to finished product.
Scan prototypes, existent components, tools or cognate objects and create drafts in the split of the time it would take to measure and create 3D models manually starting at nothing.

Expand your CAD environment

Integrate your 3D scans seamless in you everyday workflows to maximize your productivity and get faster results. Geomagic Design X adds new components to your present systems through export into SolidWorks®, Siemens NX®, Autodesk Inventor®, PTC Creo® and Pro/Engineer®.

Improve existing parts

Over many years you have perfected the functional design of your components. Use the included construction view to learn and improve.

Do the Impossible

Create products, that can not be developed without reverse engineering.
Adapt components to a perfect fit with the humans body. Create components to fit perfect into existing products. Create objects with complex geometrics that can not be measured in the traditional way.

Cut your costs

Use existing models without updating old graphs manually or laborious measurements and the whole creation of a new CAD model.
Reduce sumptuous mistakes, that come as a result of joining components.

Work seamlessly with your present CAD software

Geomagic Design X contains a direct port to the most used CAD software, e. g. SolidWorks®, Siemens NX®, Autodesk Inventor® and PTC Creo®. With the unique liveTransfer Technology Design X transfers complete models even the included feature trees. This allows to create surface and volume models from 3D scans, transferring the data into your construction system and edit them there like you are familiar form other CAD models.

Works like your CAD system

Geomagic Design X is users friendly and easy to learn. If you have already worked with CAD systems you can start with Geomagic Design X right away. It makes use of the most established feature based molding tools, that are also given in other common CAD products but combines it with the automated extraction of attributes from 3D scanning data.

Powerful and Flexible

Geomagic Design X was designed to convert 3D scanning data into high quality feature based CAD models.
With the combination of volume modeling, advanced surface modeling, polygon model editing and progressing from scatter plots Geomagic X can do what no other software can. Now you can practically scan everything and create models that are ready for production.

Powerful functions for challenging projects

Geomagic Design X‘s wide range of tools combined with traditional CAD tools. Geomagic Design X works with billions of scanning points and has a complete range of functions to solve data problems so that you can skip the scan’s cleaning and start with the creation of high quality CAD model right away.