Patterns from 3D data


  • Link between 2D and 3D Modell

    Edit 2d- and 3d-models at the same time.

  • Simplifies the Handcrafting

    The powerful assembly concept makes it possible to automate many tasks: placement of markers, seam values, assembly instructions etc.

  • Individual Interface.

    With the help of project models but also libraries of materials, fabrics, sewing, notches and textures, the user can easily adapt the software to the uses of his profession

  • Seams are set as you want

    The 3D cuts (seams) are drawn using a palette of tools offering total creative freedom

  • Freedom of data

    Countless standard 3D data can be imported and exported.

  • Matching with your 3D Scanner

    Create Patterns from your 3D Scans